Why Zero?

Zero — with zero-doubts — is the most fascinating construct of the human intellect. Everything starts with a zero, and in a perfect state should end with it. It is not merely a numeral, or a decimal device, it is a stream of philosophical thought. Dust thou art to dust returnest, is a vivid representation of that philosophical thought. Little wonder, all thinkers ID-100103785great and small, from ancient to modern, have exhorted us on the path to zero, of zero wants, zero impacts.

Even in the modern enterprise, the philosophy of zero is evident all around; zero emissions, zero discharge, zero incidents. The obsession with zero is very much in your face. Zero also has another interesting facet, it is at the beginning of all things, and usually at the end. We all begin at Zero, don’t we?

Similarly, the pursuit of Sustainability, should also be a pursuit of Zero, beginning at the basics and ending at Zero impact. Through this Portal, we are encouraging this pursuit, the philosophy of zero. Hence, Sustainability Zero. Herein, you will find features, case studies, and interviews of individuals and companies, spread across the domain, as they pursue the goal of zero.

P.S. Zero, also has an Indian connect. It was a device (or as I say, philosophy) that was invented in India and shared with the world. How wonderful, it’d be India could again take lead on the sustainability front, and teach the world on how to create harmonious businesses, which have a few digits followed by a lot of Zeroes in their balance sheet, and a big zero in terms of impact. Hoping to see that dream come true 🙂

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