Training on room AC power standards by BEE, ICAI

International Copper Association India (ICAI) in association with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) initiated a knowledge sharing session on the National Educational Training Program (NETP) on Standard and Labeling (S&L) for retailers and sales 155614177personnel in the star labeled room air conditioners (RAC) segment in Mumbai this week.

Since the Standard and Labeling (S&L) program was upgraded in January 2014, the need to organize such knowledge sharing programs to the customers to instill knowledge in the area of star labeling and power consumption with the help of Sales personnel of Retail outlets was identified. Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan, CEO, International Copper Association, India enlightened the retailers on the key benefits of using Star rated products.

The main objective of the training session was to update the industry professionals on the latest energy saving programs and create awareness on benefits of Star rated appliance. Since the launch of the Standard and Labeling (S&L) program in 2007), it has led to increased penetration of star labeled room air conditioners (RAC) in India. Introduction of voluntary standards in 2007 has been made mandatory in 2010. As per the guidelines of BEE the labeling standard underwent revision every two years since 2010. However, very few retailers and customers are aware of these revisions and thus such platforms aim at helping industry professionals to upgrade their knowledge and serve the customers better.

Key topics that were discussed at the session were Energy consumption, Cooling Capacity in Watt / Power consumed in Watt, Star Rating System & Labeling for, Air Conditioner, Role of Channel Partner, Tools for Channel Partner and Soft Selling Skills. The session was attended by around 50 retailers and sales personnel. Similar sessions were organized in Delhi & Chandigarh to reach out to a larger set of retailers dealing with Air Conditioners.

International Copper Association India (ICAI) is the Indian centre of the International Copper Association Limited (ICA), the leading organisation for the promotion of copper worldwide and its principal objective is “to promote the beneficial usage of copper for safety, health, environment and energy savings.”


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