Myths about solar power – Busted!

We are running out of fossil fuels and that might affect a lot of our industries, production, transport and other facilities. The amount of pollution these fuels create is alarming, not to mention the destructive greenhouse gases damaging our fragile ecosystem. In such a scenario, renewable energy is a ray of hope to save our earth from further damage.shutterstock_161970128

In a sunny country like ours, solar Photovoltaics (PV) rooftop is a good option for energy and electricity demands. Even though people understand the need for solar power, they do not want to make the switch from fossil fuels due to some doubts and false beliefs they seem to harbour.

Following are a few myths and realities about solar power:

  1. The first myth is that solar system is very expensive and you can’t really recover the installation cost. The truth is that the system eliminates electricity bill, which is why most people get the panels installed in the first place. Hence, the money saved this way typically pays the system off in a few years, depending on the usage and state.
  2. Solar panels are delicate and difficult to handle. The panels are actually quite resilient. Because they are black, the snow melts off them quickly as well. In fact, NASA uses them for most of its spaceships and other projects out in space.
  3. Solar energy will not give results in cool and cloudy climates. The fact is solar panels work on UV rays of the sun which get through the clouds. Also, cold temperatures make the energy transfer easier and efficient.
  4. Solar panels may add to global warming. The solar panels do not burn fossil fuels or harsh chemicals which release greenhouse gases associated with global warming. The only carbon footprint they make is when they are made and transported, which is minimum.
  5. Solar systems can work on either batteries or grid. In modern day systems they are grid tied. It is cheaper for most families and also allows them to sell the excess produce to the electric company. This will earn them credit for the power that would otherwise remain unused in the batteries. It also allows them to not worry about storing energy for the night and bad weather days.
  6. Regular maintenance is not necessary. The fact is, a rinse off once a year is recommended so that the solar panels remain clean. It would also be sensible to check for debris and clean it off as soon as possible.
  7. Solar panels cannot lead to roof leak or collapse. One should make sure that everything is waterproof before actually starting the installation. Generally, companies install a rail across the roof and mount the panels on top of it.

Solar rooftop has become a necessity, especially where conventional electricity is difficult or too expensive to get.  Converting solar radiation into direct electricity will save huge amounts of conventional energy, thus saving the precious resources for future generations.


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