Mitsubishi Electric India extends CSR initiative to 5 Government Schools around Chandigarh

Mitsubishi Electric India has decided to extend support to five Government Schools around Chandigarh including Government Primary School, Papdi; Government Elementary School, Chachumajra; Government Primary School, Matran; Government Primary School, Zirakpur and Government Middle School, Zirakpur in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar.

The water ecosystem installation included water RO, water Cooler, water tank and water drinking bay for the students. The inauguration of the Clean Drinking Water facility was done by Katsunori Ushiku, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Around 12 employees of Mitsubishi Electric India and 15 NGO volunteers joined in the inauguration ceremony at the school.

Addressing the initiative, Katsunori said, “We would like to support the school going children with necessities at their schools. It is our aim to be a partner in development of India through our philanthropic activities. We have covered five government schools in adjoining areas of Chandigarh with drinking water installations. We will extend our support in the coming years as well, thereby working to maintain a healthy ecosystem.”

– Team Sustainabilityzero


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