A little less carbon-guilt as you travel via Air?

It’s heartening to see airlines taking a not-s0-cliche step in the penitent club. The luxury of opting for flying in comparison to other travel choices has always been encumbered with the environment baggage, and rightfully so.

Looks like, Indigo is trying to address that. It has partnered with Fair Climate Network for Low Carbon Rural development with an option for 6E flyers to voluntarily contribute Rs. ssutainable airtravel100 per booking towards reducing carbon.

Announcing its partnership, IndiGo stressed its intent to enable its flyers to voluntarily contribute Rs 100 (per PNR) towards this cause and that the revenue generated will be used to support the implementation of climate friendly technologies in rural India.

This could cover activities like construction of domestic biogas units for poor women, providing fuel efficient woodstoves, installing photovoltaic lamps in un-electrified homes, setting up drinking water purification systems, undertaking agro-forestry, sustainable and profitable farming practices, etc.

It has stated that it will be supporting the installation of 5,000 bio gas units in the villages of South India as an initial step

Fair Climate Network (FCN) is a consortium of NGOs committed to promoting simple measures that improve rural livelihoods and reduce carbon pollution.


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