Climbing up Everest, Climbing down litter hills

So now you need more than adrenaline, will power and a lofty dream before you set out to conquer the Everest inside and outside you.

Some new rules are shaping up and pretty soon, with many new measures for mountaineering in the Himalayan nation, climbers ascending beyond Everest’s base camp himapayafrom April onwards, will face clean-up mandates too.

Reports are circling everywhere from Wall Street Journal blog to TOI and they also hint at possible legal action against climbers in the event of non-compliance.

These changes are being applauded by many environment enthusiasts reminding us that with the changing commercial contours of mountaineering there is a growing pile of rubbish from past expeditions. Litter left ranges from oxygen cylinders, human waste and even climbers’ bodies, which do not decompose in the extreme cold.

The idea is to make expeditions submit their trash to an office to be set up next month at base camp. As hundreds keep scaling the mountain every year during the peak climbing season in April and May, it is a welcome trail being carved by authorities to ensure the damage is minimised.


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