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Resolving the Traceability Challenge for Sustainable Textile

The demand for sustainability in the textile industry has been on the rise for the past some years. One of the critical challenges that need to be resolved is the traceable aspect. How can manufacturers and textiles companies assuredly trace the origin of the cotton. Tailorlux has created a digital solution to resolve the challenge. Alex Deitermann details how the system works.

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Baa Baa Green Sheep…

Having wool makes for great rhymes and a farm’s balance-sheets, but there’s another question that has, of late, started mattering..

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“The problem with India is that it is developing in an imitative manner”

The West has for centuries been praised for its latest technologies, high raised buildings, magnificient automobiles etc. But in the name of development, they depleted resources, usurped fertile agricultural land for construction, emitted and increased greenhouse gases etc. Therefore many have this notion that to emulate the West, me must follow their unsustainable paradigm of development. “India needs to be leaders instead of followers,” Says Kartikeya Sarabhai.” We therefore need to think of solutions which have not yet been discovered. Kartikeya Sarabhai proposes education as a means to hasten this process. “We should not be seeking to find out how to build a flyover, for instance, but how to build public transport to avoid pollution and congestion.” Sarabhai feels that the choice for developing countries is to use a “leapfrog” approach into something that is aimed at the future, earning from these experiences rather than imitating them. So the difference between learning and imitating is really the crux of the discussion over what education needs to be.

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