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Sustainability is real deal for India Inc. Over the past few years, thanks to the rising awareness and the regulatory atmosphere, corporates are no more looking at sustainability no more as a cost liability but as a mechanism to bring in efficiencies and prepare for contingencies. A company’s commitment to sustainability is best reflected through a sustainability report or an audit. Currently, over 150 organisations in India come out with sustainability reports, highlight all the steps undertaken to mitigate their impacts. These reports are an immense resource for information, as they reveal the cultural DNA of the corporate; is it really serious about green measures or is it a case of green washing.

Through various posts at Susainabilityzero, we will take up sustainability and CSR issues, and most importantly, review sustainability reports to take a peak at the very core of the company. With the aid of some of the finest professionals in Indian media, the blog intends to capture not only the latest trends in the domain of sustainability and CSR in India, but also what is noteworthy across the world.

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